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The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California by Archie McDonald
From migrating to Butte County to prejudice and interment, stories of the Japanese and their families.

Chapter I

Japanese Labor Crews

The First Wave of Migration

The Precedent for Prejudice

The Barriers to Naturalization and Land Ownership

Working Conditions for Early Japanese Laborers

Provision for Health Care for Japanese Immigrants

Networks within the Japanese Community

Chapter II

The Japanese Put Down Roots in Butte County

Southern Butte County Japanese Families


The Tokuno Family

Yokotobi-Kawasaki-Tanabe Families

The Tanimoto Family

The Honda-Nakamura Families

Chico Area Japanese Families

Chico Cemetery

Japanese in Chico Schools

Japanese in Agriculture Adjacent to Chico

Japanese Merchants in Chico

The Ohmura Family

Nakamura Family

Ikuta Family

The Bidwell Presbyterian Church: A Unique Role

Chapter III

The Japanese Military Attack on Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941

Reaction of the Japanese Community to Pearl Harbor

Caucasian Community Reaction as Perceived through the Press

Official Government Action Against Japanese Americans

Chapter IV


The Split Among Japanese Internees

How Butte County Families Fared in the Internment Camps

The Sato Family

The Tokuno Family

Kinoshita Brothers

The Herota Family

The Attempt to Profit from Japanese Removal

Chapter V

Butte Nisei Serving in the Military, World War II

Jack Tanimoto

Shiro Tokuno

Chapter VI





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The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California is out of print

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