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The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California by Archie McDonald
From migrating to Butte County to prejudice and interment, stories of the Japanese and their families.

"... McDonald explores some new ground and sheds light on the often neglected subject of Japanese in Butte County. He explores various archival sources related to Butte County and culls some interesting facts. ...

"McDonald further investigates county cemetery, coroner and infirmary records and is able to glean, in a catalog manner, some information on causes of death and injuries among the Japanese in Butte County from 1896 to 1913. Perhaps his most important contribution is the recording of stories and reminiscences of both Japanese men and women and providing information on Kenja Ikuta (often called the "Japanese Rice King"), his family and his farming activities through interviews with Ikuta's two older sons, Totytaro and Juichi. ...

"McDonald has provided a preliminary scaffolding for telling the story of Japanese in Butte County. ..." --Wayne Maeda, The California Historian

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The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California is out of print

The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California, by Archie McDonald is out of print

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