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Heidelberg Graphics

Owner: Larry S. Jackson

Address: 2 Stansbury Ct

City/State/Zip: Chico, California 95928

E-mail: service@HeidelbergGraphics.com

Phone: (530) 342-6582

Fax: (530) 342-6582

EIN: 94-6322195

D-U-N-S: 11-530-3820

SAN: 211-5654

HG's ISBN prefix: 978- 0-918606

Subsidiary imprints

Stansbury Publishing,  Memoir Books

Stansbury Publishing's ISBN prefixes: 978- 0-9708922, 978-0-9766269

E-mail: SPublishing@HeidelbergGraphics.com

Memoir Books' ISBN prefixes: 978-0-9793387, 978-1-937748

E-mail: Memoirs@HeidelbergGraphics.com

Bookstores and libraries: Order directly, from Baker and Taylor, Ingram Book Company, Follett, and most library jobbers.

INDIVIDUAL BOOK BUYERS: Support your local bookstore when possible. Most books we publish are also available online or directly.

Policies:  Books sold are subject to terms published in the American Booksellers Association Book Buyers Handbook and R. R. Bowker's Publisher Authority Database. There is a twenty dollar charge for returned checks. Our work is subject to Printing Trade Customs.

The other publishers listed on this site each have their own terms and policies. To order their titles or correspond with them, click on Publications for a list. Heidelberg Graphics is not responsible for orders and third party correspondence with other publishers or authors listed on our Web site.

Heidelberg Graphics does not accept or honor any contract from any vendor that is automatically renewed  without receiving a certified letter in the mail from the vendor with terms clearly and completely written, signed, and dated by the vendor. The vendor must supply a self-addressed stamped envelope for Heidelberg Graphics to return the contract should Heidelberg Graphics choose to accept the vendor's terms. This policy is particularly applicable to companies that sell advertisements and subscriptions. Heidelberg Graphics will not enter into any contract longer than twelve months without receiving and signing the contract as specified in this paragraph. Services rendered beyond twelve months by any vendor who fails to comply shall be provided free at the expense of the vendor. Heidelberg Graphics will not be liable or responsible for any contract lasting longer than twelve months according to this paragraph.

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Established in 1972 as a partnership between Larry S. Jackson and Dennis McNamara, Heidelberg Graphics began publishing calendars and note cards. In 1976 its sole owner, Larry Jackson, founded Phantasm literary magazine which produced 27 issues before the journal ended in 1981. 

Heidelberg Graphics published its first book, The Middle Aged Princess and the Frog by Alison Zier in 1978. Since then it has published many titles under its imprint and its subsidiary imprints, Stansbury Publishing and Memoir Books, in both traditional bound copies and e-books for Kindle and other readers. Heidelberg Graphics also does book production, editing, layout, eBooks and consulting for other publishers and authors.

Heidelberg Graphics brokers its printing with local, national, and international partners who specialize in their areas of expertise and sell only to the trade.

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Current weather updates for Chico, California

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To Corey Howard, our Marine nephew and Mike Neely, our Army Special Forces nephew: thank you for your sacrifices. To Dorothy Jackson, rest in peace. To the pet sheep, goat, and dogs that have passed away, thanks for your unconditional love. To Jennifer Jackson, thanks for your love, understanding, and support. To the many authors and publishers that have crossed paths, it's always a unique experience that's never forgotten. To the next generations, have fun traveling life's journey and your discoveries. To everyone, practice the Golden Rule. --Larry Jackson, printer and publisher

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