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All work listed on and included within Heidelberg Graphics' website is copyrighted by the respective copyright holders. Permission to reproduce any or all materials from this site must be obtained in writing.

Heidelberg Graphics is not responsible nor liable for any author's work, submissions or expressions and such work, submissions or expressions does not necessarily reflect the opinions or endorsement of Heidelberg Graphics. Work produced by Heidelberg Graphics is done according and subject to Printing Trade Customs.

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Opinions, viewpoints and statements  in Heidelberg Graphics' forum are not necessarily those of Heidelberg Graphics, nor are they claimed by Heidelberg Graphics to be true. Authors are solely responsible and liable for any copyright infractions and agree to hold Heidelberg Graphics harmless for any and all violations, libel or any other liabilities that may arise and harmless from expenses or costs that may incur from anything posted on the forum or elsewhere on or linked to this site. Posting unpublished manuscripts on the Heidelberg Graphics forum is free. Authors submitting material to forum do so only with the understanding their material may be downloaded by visitors to this site at no charge. Heidelberg Graphics will not compensate anyone for material that is viewed or downloaded from this site.

Listings of recommended publications at this site are chosen by Heidelberg Graphics and are displayed without charge. Heidelberg Graphics has made every effort to ensure accuracy and is not responsible for any errors that may occur.

Heidelberg Graphics reserves the right to remove any item from its website without cause, permission, reason, notice, liability or compensation.

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