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Recommended Publications

For details click on the following publishers, titles, and authors.

After the War by H. R. Coursen

And After Your Testimony by F. Edward Butterworth

Annie Kennedy Bidwell An Intimate History by Lois Halliday McDonald

Around the World in 52 Words Ritual Writing for this New Millennium by Rob Burton

As Geese Fly South A Pioneer Home School without the Home by Hiona

Back in Town edited by Susan Bent

Bibilia I Faauruhia Mai by F. Edward Butterworth

The Bidwell Diaries Vol. 1, John Bidwell

The Bidwell Diaries Vol. 2, Annie K. Bidwell

Block by Block Piecing Together Central New Mexico's Past: The Homesteaders by Gail D'Arcy

A Book of Thoughts II by Richard Anders French

The Boy from the Mountains Beyond by Lynn H. Elliott and Luis A. Santos

The Boys from San Francisco by Gail D'Arcy

Breathe Essays from a Recovering Paramedic by Marianne Paiva

California: The Pacific Connection by David W. Lantis, Rodney Steiner, Arthur E. Karinen

The Chaining of the Dragon A Commentary on the Book of Revelation by Ralph Schreiber

Chasing the Rising Moon by Jo Walser

Climbing By Faith Not By Sight by Leanna Daughtery

Chronicles of the Clandestine Knights Hyacinth Blue by Tony Nunes

Chizuru 1945 by Donald J. Mangus

C.O. Experiences of a Noncombatant in the Navy During World War II by Charles E. Wallace

Cricket Moon by Elizabeth Revere

Dave Chilson's Fisherman's Journal by David Chilson

Divine Origin of the Restoration by F. Edward Butterworth

Don't Expect Luggage to Arrive by Dan Irving

Down in the Valley by Clark Brown

Editor's Choice 2009--Fiction . . . Down in the Valley ... Four short stories and a novella by Clark Brown ... Editor's Choice 2009--Fiction . . .

Dreamscapes in A minor by Judi Loren Grace

Echoes of the Past by General John Bidwell

Elsie Hamburger "I Never Look Back" by Lois Halliday McDonald

An Emmel Chronicle by Olson, Hill, Hill

Empty Hours by William E. Crocker

Essays from The Ten by Daniel Thomas

Evening Country by Daniel Thomas

The Face of Poetry edited by LaVerne Harrell Clark and Mary MacArthur

Faces of Chico by Isabella A. Godinez and Lois A. Morrison

Feather River Bust by Mildred Forester and Roy Pence

Final Rose by Shawntel Newton

Memoirs by The Bachelor contestant Shawntel Newton . . . Funeral Director/Embalmer . . . Autobiography by Reality TV Show Contestant Shawntel Newton . . .

The First-Year Resource by Thia Wolf (et al.)

A Fish Flew Through the Porthole A Sailing Adventure by a Very Reluctant Sailor by Gerri Miller

Focus 101 by LaVerne Harrell Clark

From the Christ Mind Jesus of Nazareth by Darrell Morley Price

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Geese in the Fog by Sylvia Storla Clarke

Glenn County Sketchbook by Thelma Buckley White

Greyhounding This America by Maurice Kenny

The Heart Behind the Hero edited by Curt and Karen Yoder

Historic Shot Glasses by Barbara Edmonson

The History of Butte College Men's Basketball by Thomas Charles Anderson

History of Butte County with Biographical Sketches by George Campbell Mansfield

A Hood for the Sun by M. A. Pintard

Editor's Choice 2014--Fiction . . . A Hood for the Sun by M.A. Pintard . . . a literary masterpiece . . . Editor's Choice 2014--Fiction . . . A Hood for the Sun by M. A. Pintard . . . a literary masterpiece ...

Hops and Dreams The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. by Rob Burton

The House on Garden Street by Joseph D. Gallo

How High Is Up? The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of a Sam M. Walton SIFE Fellow by Curtis L. DeBerg

How the World Really Works by Alan B. Jones

A Human Symphony by Dr. Guy Standard

The Indians of Chico Rancheria by Dorothy J. Hill

Images from a Long Life by G. D. Lillibridge

In Search of Captain Warner (revised) by Patricia Barry et. al.

The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California by Archie McDonald

John Bidwell The Adventurous Life of a California Pioneer by Nancy Leek

Kedma's Paradise compiled by Butte County Pen Women

Kennett The Short, Colorful Life of a California Copper Town and Its Founding Family by Jane B. Schuldberg

Lawrence of Vietnam by Michael M. Peters

The Lemming Chronicle A Delusion of Grandeur by Malenashum   

Let's Fix America! by Alan B. Jones

Love Stories by Ann Alexander

Maggie Greeno A Woman Ahead of Her Time by George McDow, Jr.

The Middle Aged Princess and the Frog by Alison Zier

The Miner Poet Poems of Pres Longley edited by John Rudderow and Nancy Leek

Missing! Stranger Abduction Teaching Your Child How to Escape by Robert Stuber   

A Mission of Love Aetna Emmel and Zenas Olson in India, 1919-1927 by Elizabeth Ann Olson Hill

Mom, Teacher Says I Have Headlights! by Steve Erwin

Moroland The Story of Betty and Jay Abrams by Betty Abrams

Mother Flies Hurricanes by E. M. Singer

Murder in Mendocino by Shari Edwards

My Life with Vanessa A Journal of the Plagued Years by Myst Wismer

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No Certain Destination in Mind A Young Man's Travel Journal, 1937-1938 by Clinton Peltier

Old Days in Butte A Glamorous Tale of Butte County by Florence Danforth Boyle

One Hundred Miles by Daniel Thomas

One Man's Journey by Vernon Carter, Ed.D.

One Man Unconquered by Farris Anderson

Onward and Upward! Papers in Honor of Clement W. Meighan edited by Keith L Johnson 

The Oroville-Quincy Ridge Route Development, Eclipse, and Renewal of a Transportation Artery by David M. Brown

The Outfielder by H. R. Coursen

Pain's Healing Secret by Michael Turk

Pastiche An Essayist in Search of a Theme by Daniel Thomas

Passing Gas The History of Inflight Refueling by Major Vernon B. Byrd, Jr.

Phantasm Literary Magazine edited by Larry S. Jackson

The Plains Beyond by L D Clark

Plumas Sketches by Jane Braxton Little

Poetry for the Light by Kenneth Hunter Brown

Prepare Ye! Prepare Ye! by F. Edward Butterworth

The Quack Corp A Marine's War -- Pearl Harbor to Okinawa by Arthur W. Wells

Rancho Chico Indians by Annie E. K. Bidwell

The Rest of Your Life by Allen Reid McGinnis

Restoring American Freedom A Primer for a Constitutionalist Congress by Alan B. Jones

Restoring Political Honesty A Plan to Reclaim Our Country by Alan B. Jones

Return of the Ancients by F. Edward Butterworth

Return to Archerland  by H. R. Coursen

Riders to the Rainbow Traders to the People by Winona Johnson Holloway

Riding the Tiger's Back A Footnote to the Assassination of JFK by Phillip Hemenway

Ripples Along Chico Creek Perspectives on People and Times by Butte County Pen Women

SASP by Jonathan Perez

Sylvia's Book by Linda Kathleen Peelle

Secrecy or Freedom? Declaring War on Political Dissimulation by Alan B. Jones

Secrets of Hollywood Heydays by Marilyn Nash

Skinnin' and Grinnin' Buck Tales from Mount Eddy by Sandy Hough Shepard and Tom Hough

A Small Corner of the West Butte Meadows, Chico Meadows, Jonesville, California by Adams, Dennison, Hill, Jessee, Maggi, Mahler, Mann, Nopel, Norton, Roney, Thornsberry, Vanous, Wakefield

Sometimes, Memories Are All We Have by Shari Edwards

The Story of Another Child's Christmas in Wales by Lynn H. Elliott

Tales From Ishi Country Selected Stories from Memories edited by Gene Serr

Terrorism and Halcyon Days by A. Zitlaw

Editor's Choice 2010--Fiction . . . Terrorism and Halcyon Days, a novel by A. Zitlaw . . . Editor's Choice 2010--Fiction . . . Terrorism and Halcyon Days, a novel by A. Zitlaw . . .

Turnip Patch Infield and a Navajo by Lawrence A. Wenzel

Virgin Mother of Three by I. A. Crumpton

What's in the Woods? Life stories and history as told by The Kids who Lived in Northern California Diamond Match Company logging camps, 1927-1944 by Blackie Gilbert and Bill Dennison

Wanderings by Daniel Thomas

Windows of Snow by Elizabeth Revere

A Young Man's Journey Through World War II by Thurlow Weir

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