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The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California by Archie McDonald
From migrating to Butte County to prejudice and interment, stories of the Japanese and their families.

About the author (at the time of this book's publication)

A social worker and social scientist by education, practice and teaching, Archie McDonald developed expertise in public social policy and the history of social programs. This included the study of English and American poor laws and social security systems.

McDonald holds memberships in historical societies in three different states and numerous counties. During his editorship of the Butte County, California Historical Society's quarterly, The DIggin's, he became interested in the contribution of several ethnic groups. A result was this research and writing of the Japanese experience.

For the last ten years, McDonald has been active as a state-certified ombudsman for the elderly. His is professor emeritus, California State University, Chico.

[Note: Regrettably, author Archie McDonald has passed away. For correspondence about him or his work e-mail Lois McDonald at loismcdd@earthlink.net.]

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About the publisher (at the time of this book's publication)

The publisher of this book, Association for Northern California Records and Research, was formed over twenty years ago as an organization with several objectives, the primary one being the fostering of research in local California history. Preserving primary sources, particularly public records that might otherwise be destroyed, was considered of vital importance. The support of Special Collections, Northeastern California records and documents held in the Meriam Library, California State University, Chico, developed logically as county records were obtained and added to the Collection.

ANCRR offers an annual award of 500 dollars for a research paper judged worthy. Occasionally these papers are published by the organization for its members and for sale to the public at large. The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California, was an award winner in 1992.

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From the publisher

The Japanese Experience in Butte County presents a microcosm of the history of Japanese in California, and even the West Coast region.

As did several other immigrant groups to the Golden State, the Japanese prisoners (Issei) arrived with hopes of achieving a better life. They worked in agriculture, mining and construction of railroads.

Despite organized opposition because of their ethnicity, the Japanese strove mightily to be good citizens. Love of family, loyalty to their new country, and desire to be accepted as contributing Californians were essential to their record.

Drawing upon public records, newspapers, personal interviews and scholarly research, the author has examined the Japanese experience from the beginning, including the prejudice and wrenching events of evacuation in 1942, internment, military triumphs of those who served in the U.S. Army, and, finally, resettlement.

This book is an example of localized history reflecting the larger picture of times and events.

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The Japanese Experience in Butte County, California is out of print

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