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The Chaining of the Dragon: A Commentary on the Book of Revelation by Ralph Schreiber
Bahá’í interpretation that the Book of Revelation symbolically describes the actual course of human history as we know it.

The Chaining of the Dragon invites the reader to a greater understanding of how the Bahá’í faith, Islam, and Christianity are merged through progressive revelation as prophesied and presented in the last book of the New Testament—The Book of Revelation. As quoted in the foreword, “This book is a beautiful example of the Bahá’í vision of God’s preparation of humanity for Himself, His Glory, and His Law. … Schreiber’s book enables us to grasp again the profound significance of the Book of Revelation, to regain the sense that the book is of the most immediate relevance to our religious, cultural, economic, and political lives.”

Reading this book offers insight into concepts such as the evolutionary path of millennial development incorporated in progressive revelation; interpretive significance of the “return” of Jesus, scriptural “woe,” seven churches, and marriage of the Law of God with the Word of God; in brief, of knowing God and His plan for humankind.

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"The Book of Revelation is one of the most remarkable and upsetting books in the collection of writings revered to nearly two millennia in the Christian West as the Holy Scripture. … Schreiber neither turns away from Revelation because of its highly violent themes and images, nor is he content with the idea that this document describes what will happen all at some future time, indeed at the 'end of the world.'" --Rev. Dr. Jeffery Utter

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"Ralph Schreiber took on a prodigious task in his commentary on the Book of Revelation. Future scholars will often look back upon this effort with great appreciation. This book bodes to bring humanity closer together as it helps them understand more fully the events of history. It gives a unique view of humanity's approach to unity by presenting history as stages of development in which the concept of progressive revelation becomes clear." --Judge James F. Nelson

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