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Table of Contents

The Chaining of the Dragon: A Commentary on the Book of Revelation by Ralph Schreiber
BahŠíŪ interpretation that the Book of Revelation symbolically describes the actual course of human history as we know it.


Principals and Promises

The Problem and the Solution


Trumpets of History

Little Book


Proclaiming the Word

Old Social Order

New Social Order

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Principals and Promises

Revelation Chapter 1

This Prophecy

Message from God

Glory and Dominion

The Eternal Voice of God

I Am Alpha and Omega

He Had in His Right Hand Seven Stars

John Falls at His Feet

Create a Record

Revelation Chapters 2 and 3

About the Return

Rewards for Those Who Overcome

Revelation Chapter 4

The Father

The Elders

Seven Lamps of Fire

Friendly Beasts

Beasts Worship Father

Revelation Chapter 5

The Book

Who is Worthy to Open the Book?

The Lamb and Seven Spirits of God

The Lamb Takes the Book

Beasts and Elders Sing a New Song

Millions of Angels Join In

Praise for the Throne and the Lamb

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The Problem and the Solution

Revelation Chapter 6

Social Environment

Past Martyrs

A Great Earthquake

All Men Fear God

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Revelation Chapter 7

Hold the Four Winds of Change

Children Advance Spiritually

A Multitude Worship God

Out of Great Tribulation

Living Fountains of Water

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Trumpets of History

Revelation Chapter 8

Trumpets of History

First Four Angels and Christian History

Angel Announces Three Woes to Come

Revelation Chapter 9

Fifth Angel Sounds Bottomless Pit

Islamic Warriors

Sixth Angel Loosens Restraints

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Little Book

Revelation Chapter 10

A Little Book Is Opened

Seal the Voice of the Thunders

Last Trumpet to Remove the Mystery

John Studies the Little Book

Thou Must Prophesy

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Revelation Chapter 11

The Law of God

Prophet as Lord

Martyrdom of the Prophet

Resurrection of the Prophet

The Seventh Trumpet Sounded

Revelation Chapter 12

Personifying the Law of God

The Dragon of Politics

The Martyred Prophet

War in Heaven

Preserving the Word of God

Revelation Chapter 13

World of the Beasts

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Proclaiming the Word

Revelation Chapter 14

Everlasting Gospel

Followers of the Lamb

Proclaiming a New Age

Babylon Shall Fall

Patience Is Required

Reaping the Clusters

Proclaiming the Word

The Spirit Is Drained

Revelation Chapter 15

Seven Last Plagues

Angels of Renewal

Sing the Song of Renewal

Nations Shall Worship

Testimony for Renewal

Final Preparation

Revelation Chapter 16

Process Begins

Challenge to Understanding

Challenge to Behavior

Challenge to Authorities

Message to Persia

Wider Dispersion

Spirit of Euphrates Dried Up

Reactionary Forces

Partial Declaration

Continuing Difficulties

Open Declaration

The Responses

The Prevailing Environment

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Old Social Order

Revelation Chapter 17

The Mystery

Revelation Chapter 18

Old Order Falls

Come Out of Her

Kings of the Earth Shall Bewail Her

The Faithful Can Rejoice

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New Social Order

Revelation Chapter 19

The Bridegroom

The Voice of Servants

The Marriage Supper

The Kings of the Earth

Revelation Chapter 20

Binding the Dragon

Renewed Authority

First Resurrection

Recurring Last Days

Saved by Renewal

Revelation Chapter 21

Law of God

No More Death

All Things New

The Second Death

The Lambís Wife

That Great City

The Glory of God

Honor of the Nations

The Lambís Book of Life

Revelation Chapter 22

Tree of Life

God and the Lamb

Lord God of the Holy Prophets

Worship God

Keep This Book Open

Give Every Man

Godís Eternal Authority

Jesus Testifies

Water of Life

Do Not Add or Take Away

Godís Grace

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Fulfilled Prophesies

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