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Table of Contents

Annie Kennedy Bidwell: An Intimate History by Lois H. McDonald
Historical biography of one of the founders of nineteenth- century American California.



Glimmerings from childhood

Introducing a family

The great romance

The honeymoon

A look at Rancho Chico

The pangs of separation, 1869

Adrift between two ports

1875—A year to seize the helm


A house for the dying

A happy camping trip

Putting down more roots in California

A visit from Annie’s parents

Sallie’s doomed love affair

The rancheria school

Developing new outlets for self expression

Family duty to the fore

A murder

Sallie Kennedy takes the helm

Serious—but caught in time

Convalescence put behind

Haunted by more family tragedy

John Bidwell’s brave, if futile, campaign

Aches, pains and pleasures of growing older

Return to Dr. Hirschfelder

William Morrison Alexander

Nopanny—between two worlds

"Susan B. Anthony kissed me"

The old and the young

Death comes to a pioneer

The give and take of a successful marriage


Widowhood—a review

The urge to build

The war to eliminate alcohol consumption

Rancho Chico: The shrinking giant

Loss of two loved grandchildren

A year of travel

Good-bye to Sallie

And what of the rancheria?

Allies in the cause of education


Chapter notes abbreviations




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