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Pastiche: An Essayist in Search of a Theme by Daniel Paul Thomas
Essays in anticipation of a new day while savoring the flavor of the moment

Knock on the Door
Youthful Endurance
The Curse of Culex Tarsalis
For the Best of Reasons
Empathy Redux
Dancing with the One You Love
Packhorse Librarians
They’re Everywhere
Feline Connection
Bidwell Park: A Lifetime of Memories
Hernando’s Gift
An Angel to the Rescue
A Robber Baron’s Legacy
A Cat Called Ugly
The Gift of Youth
This Thing Called Love
Judge Amy Pearl
The Amazing Housefly
Where’s the Gold?
Cottage Comfort
Lumber Truck to the Rescue
Bloody Island Massacre
Aerial Acrobats
Forever Sunday
The Man I Used To Be
395 the Hard Way
Suitcase Baby
A Lesson in Courage
Nostalgia Bound
A Good Friday Surprise
Connoisseurs of Comfort
The Woof and Warp of a Marriage
An Arsonist’s Revenge
Running Toward Oblivion

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