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Pastiche: An Essayist in Search of a Theme by Daniel Paul Thomas
Essays in anticipation of a new day while savoring the flavor of the moment

Mr. Thomas was raised in Willows, California. He received his B.A. from Chico State University and an M.A. in counseling education from San Jose State University. He has been a teacher, counselor, and a secondary school principal. Much of his career was spent in the Bay Area, but it was the Sacramento Valley that bred within him an enduring love for nature.

Mr. Thomas has always put this love for nature high on his list of priorities. As a teacher he used nature’s gifts, so abundantly available beyond the classroom door, to motivate his students to learn.

Upon his retirement he returned to the valley. His search for a place that might provide some well earned solitude, while allowing him the opportunity to share his love for the land with his wife Marilyn, ended at a place in Corning he now calls "The Ten."

Thomas' other popular books, Essays from the Ten (his first title), Evening Country, and100 Miles are also published by Stansbury Publishing.

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