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An Emmel Chronicle by Aetna Emmel Olson, Elizabeth Ann Olson Hill, Winston Wright Hill
Stories and pictures chronicling the Emmel family history.


How This Book Came to Be

Aid for Humanity: The Emmel Heritage in Germany

Germany When The Emmels Lived There: 1610 - 1842

The Family Home in Germany

An Emmel Family Ghost Story

Families Reach America

The Emmels, 1842

The Hösli, Bäbler and Hefti Families Trek from Switzerland to Wisconsin, 1845

From Switzerland to the Netherlands, April 15 – May 2, 1845

From the Netherlands to Baltimore, May 13-June 30

From Baltimore to Pittsburgh, July 2-10, 1845

Pittsburgh to St. Louis, July 11-27

The Reconnaissance Crew Travels to New Glarus, July 27-August 7

Emigrants Arrive in New Glarus

New Glarus

Some Families Move from New Glarus, Wisconsin to Coal Creek, Kansas

The Stauffers and Giesys Enter the Scene

The Pine Tree Counterpane

The Giesys Accept the Emmels … but Reject the Roeblings

Mary Ann Stauffer’s Beau

John A. Roebling and Helena Giesy II

More About the Emmels and Stauffers in Dorseyville

The Conrad Emmels Leave Pennsylvania

On the Banks of the Delaware River in Kansas, 1865 - 1885

The Conrad Emmel Family

The Peter Meyer Family

The Markus Hefty Family

The Henry and Samuel Hoesly Families

The Conrad Emmel Family Settles in Kansas

Peter and Elizabeth Ann Vesper Meyer

Love Comes to Coal Creek

The Mill on the Delaware

Charles and Margaret

Charles and Margaret

Oregon Beckons the John Emmels

Back in Coal Creek with Charles and Margaret

Troubled Times

The Heftys Venture West – and Return

Kansas Ain’t Heaven

News from Coal Creek


Welcome to Oregon – 1896

The C. C. Emmels Settle in Oregon

The Old Toll Road

A Letter Edged in Black

The First Robin Leaves the Nest

This and That in the Blue House – January 1896-1902

Christmas Memories

Charles the Photographer

Dark Days and Bright Ones at the Blue House and Mt. View

Mary Ann Emmel and Son Wesley Move to Oregon

From the Blue House to Maple View Farm, 1902

Maple View Farm 1902-1918

“A Heap o’ Living”

Uncle Wesley Emmel

More about Life at Maple View Farm

Some Hobbies of Charles Emmel

A Purveyor of Wares

Charles Emmel, Neighborhood and Family Chronicler

The Postal Service at Scholls

Other Scenes Near Scholls

The Horseless Carriage Comes to Scholls

Oregon Celebrates the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, 1905

The Emmels Begin New Families

Miss Lewis

And Then Those Weddings

Wedding Bells Ring for Nora and Fred

More Emmels Leave Maple View

The Emmel Clan Becomes “The Robins”

Across the Queen’s Great Pond

Maple View and world War I - 1914-1918

The Seventy-third Annual Commencement at Willamette University

Wednesday Morning, June 13, 1917

Esther Emmel and Alpheus Gillette Are Married

The Family of John Conrad Emmel

Goodbye to Maple View, Hello World – 1918 to 1927

The Long Romance of Aetna Emmel and Zenas Olson

The C. C. Emmels Move Again

A Wedding in the John Emmel Family

Virtuous Women and Machines

Shadows in Salem

The Family of Charles Emmel in the 1920’s and Beyond

The Older Children

The Younger Children

1924: Charles Christian Emmel Alone Now

Charles Christian Emmel’s Trips, 1924 and 1926

The Olsons Return from India

Turbulent Times, 1927 - 1935

Aetna and Zenas

Victor Emanuel Emmel

Nora and Fred Thompson

Mary and George Forbes

Cascadia, A Reminiscence

Dream Lodge

Adventures of David and Stuart

The End of the Idyll

The Wedding of Wilford Emmel and Lillian Paige

The Quilting Bee

Cousin John Emmel

Charles Visits Daughter Esther

Life’s Journeys End but the Emmel Legacy Continues

Charles Christian Emmel, 1853 – 1935

Margaretha Hoesly Emmel: “Aunt Margaret”

The Tortured Road to a Divorce

The Telephone Rings

The Telephone Rings Again, and Again

Stanley Theodore “Ted” Emmel, 1902-1940

The Years Take Their Toll

The Thompsons

Roy Emmel

Winfield Emmel

Mary Emmel Forbes

Herald Wesley Emmel

Emma Emmel Hurt and Minetta Emmel Moore

Aetna Emmel Olson

Nora Emmel Thompson Forbes

Esther Emmel Gilette

The Emmel Legacy

Be Transformed by the Renewal of Your Mind

Do Not Be Conformed To This World

Contribute to the Needs of Others

Use Your Gifts

Present Your Body to God

Have a Sense of Humor



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Order An Emmel Chronicle, ISBN 0-9708922-2-5, $200.00

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