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An Emmel Chronicle by Aetna Emmel Olson, Elizabeth Ann Olson Hill, Winston Wright Hill
Stories and pictures chronicling the Emmel family history.

"Impressive ... woven the comings and goings of the generations, the families, the individuals ... the Swiss dimension [is] far more complex than I suspected. The pictures show so amazingly the flow of the times.

"I enjoyed so much Charles Christian Emmel's obituary and directives about the funeral: What a determined man he must have been.

"... unusually polished and offers much information (for instance on Roebling) that is as much charming as it is valuable. The biography and the index are a treat. They add greatly to the value of the book.

"The connections to New Glarus amazed me. So many Wisconsinites moved to the plains, then west to Washington and Oregon. It is nice to have such moves so richly documented." --Leo Schelbert

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"Thoroughly researched, well written, and beautifully produced -- this book is a rare blend of family history and professional publication quality." --Julia Johnson Zafferano, former managing editor of Stanford University Press

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Order An Emmel Chronicle, ISBN 0-9708922-2-5, $200.00

Order An Emmel Chronicle by Olson, Hill, Hill

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