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Phantasm, vol. 5, no. 3, issue 27, 1980
Independent literary journal of original poetry, fiction, artwork, articles, features, photos, commentary, reviews, interviews, and announcements.


With Liberty and Justice

Zoe Rita Anglesey

J. B. Goodenough

Don Jones
Scott U.S. Stamp Catalogue #1494

David R. Irwin
After the 3rd Annual Bisbee Poetry Festival

Lev Mak
The Flood

Roman Makarewicz
The Word.

Walter B. MacBain
A Runner's Last Circle

Elizabeth Revere
They Stole a Portrait
The Train
Don't Mention Indians

Ralph Salisbury
A First Victory
The Apache in Their Glory

Hillel Schwartz
Another Woman's Daughter

Kap Ju Whang
The Dandelion

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The Truth in Indian Whiskey by Ralph Samuelson

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Features and Articles

Poets Recite Work to New Citizens (1 photo Loretta Leversee by Al Morgenstern, 1 photo of Roscoe Lee Browne, Martin Sheen, Kap Ju Whang by Berry Silver, 1 photo of Roman Makarewicz and Chitra Silver by Barry Silver). Nine thousand, seven hundred immigrants from seventy-three countries are sworn in as U.S. citizens June 23, 1981, at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Fifth Street Studio Theater arranged for some emigrant poets to recite patriotic works.

Poetry Comics Lead to Book by Larry Jackson (One photo of Dave Morice, one panel from Morice's Poetry Comics by Dave Morice). Dave Morice tells how his cartoon drawings of classic poetry led him into successful publishing endeavors.

Featured Artist Does Figure Drawings by Larry Jackson. Phantasm artist Ruben Heredia changed his plan to being a mathematician when he realized "there can be life in art." This issue shows the result of a series of explorations with spacial illusions.

Three Inside Views: Bizbee Poetry Festival 1981 (1 photo of Helen Adam by Richard Byrd, 1 photo of Ted Berrigan by Richard Byrd, 1 photo of William Everson by Richard Byrd, 1 photo of Amiri Baraka by Richard Byrd). Jane McCray, August Schaefer, and Dick Bakken each describe the poets and festive gathering in Arizona, both behind the scenes and during the programs, by nationwide participants.

Interview with Don Jones by Salvatore Salerno (1 photo of Don Jones by Salvatore Salerno Jr.). Poet Don Jones tells about his intimations for being a poet, his influences, training, and job as social worker.

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Phantasm Supplement Feature: The Literacy Crusade of New Nicaragua, co-edited by Larry S. Jackson and Georgia Lyga McFadden. Forty pages written by and about those who participated in fighting for literacy in Nicaragua. Bound inside Phantasm (Heidelberg Graphics, Chico, CA, 1981).

Prose and Poetry

Lizandro Chavez Alfaro
Father's Zoo (prose tr. by Natalie Carrillo Warner)

Jorge Eduardo Arellano
About Heroes and Martyrs (poem tr. by Natalie Carrillo Warner)

Alejandro Bravo
Song to the God Quetzaltcoatl (poem tr. by Georgia Lyga McFadden)
Monimbo (poem tr. by Georgia Lyga McFadden)

Ruth Warner Carillo
Untitled (poem)

Marta Harnecker
Nicaragua: The Strategy of Victory (from an interview written in poetry form: An Interview with Humberto Ortega, Commander-in-Chief of the Sandinista People's Army)

Santiago Lopez (Pancasan)
One Year After the Final Insurrection (poem by member of the Poetry Workshop of the Sandinista Transit Police)

Rigoberto Lopez Perez
Rigoberto Lopez Perez's Letter/Testament (letter by the assassin of Anastasio Somoza to his mother Soledad Lopez translated by and with spacing altered by Margaret Randall as if it were a poem. [Perez was not connected with any revolutionary organization]).

Emily Wright
Manifesto of the Nicaraguan Washer Women (poem)

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Features and Articles

Revolution in Nicaragua: An Eyewitness Report by the Reverend Philip Zwerling. Description of the delegation of teachers, writers, and journalists following the overthrow of Anastasio Somoza, leading to a crusade to obliterate illiteracy in the small nation of Nicaragua, how the crusade operated, and its impact on the people.

People's Poetry by Father Ernesto Cardenal, Minister of Culture (tr. Georgia McFadden) (1 photo of Ernesto Cardenal). Cardenal quotes Cesar Vallejo, "I write for those who don't read/ for the barefoot farmer and his lamb" and other writers who influenced the Literacy Crusade's goal to teach all Nicaraguans to read and write. States Commander Tomas Borge, "We have to lead the masses, and learn from the masses. Let their wisdom flow. Learn from the masses so you will be able to educate the masses."

Literacy Is Freedom by Ellen Sarkisian (1 photo of Gilberto Gonzalez by Ellen Sarkisian, 1 page from workbook). One hundred thousand people volunteer to teach others to read and write with the launch of the National Literacy Crusade March 24, 1980. The nation responds with billboards, posters, teaching aides, and people turning their homes into classrooms reaching deep in the countryside. Sixty thousand high school student volunteers (called "brigadistas") return for a victory parade in Managua where a huge billboard kept a running tally of their achievement.

Three Small Stories by Georgia Lyga McFadden (1 photo of "Cua women"). Vignettes of some who faced the tyranny of Somoza, paid a heavy price, and the after-effects of their struggles.

Nicaragua Is an Enormous School by Marcy Fink (1 photo of brigadistas transported to and from the crusade). Ten U.S. educators arrive at Managua's Augusto Cesar Sandino airport and become witness to the National Literacy Campaign through experience, observation, and interviews.

A New Concept of Adult Education by Dr. Carlos Tunnerman (tr. by Georgia Lyga McFadden) (1 photo of Dr. Carlos Tunnerman, 1 photo of brigadistas courtesy Div Diseno y Production, 1 photo of hieroglyphics courtesy Div Diseno y Production, 1 photo Dr. Carolos Tunnerman at rally). Partial text of Dr. Tunnerman, Minister of Education, delivering a talk at the opening workshop for adult education. He examines adult education within the context of the Sandinista Revolution and says we will not be structuring an adult education program in the same vein as this country has in the past. Literacy and adult education have been given the highest priorities with our revolutionary process.

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David Sherrod (10)

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In Dedication to Nine Brigadistas by Larry S. Jackson, Phantasm editor, and Georgia Lyga McFadden, supplement feature co-editor. Nine Nicaraguans were killed because they dared to participate in the effort to teach all citizens of the post-Somoza Nicaragua to read and write. McFadden's hope is the American people will stand on the side of people who are struggling for justice and equality.

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44 national announcements of literary events

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