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Phantasm, vol. 5, no. 3, issue 27, 1980
Independent literary journal of original poetry, fiction, artwork, articles, features, photos, commentary, reviews, interviews, and announcements.

This issue includes a 48-page supplement feature, The Literacy Crusade of New Nicaragua, co-edited by Larry Jackson and Georgia Lyga McFadden, bound inside the magazine. McFadden had spent two years in Nicaragua with her husband John and two daughters. They were in Nicaragua at the invitation of the Minister of Education for John to act as consultant to the country's national literacy campaign. The Popular Sandinista Revolution had won independence from the Somoza dictatorship July 19, 1979. The literacy crusade ended successfully with the illiteracy rate of 50.25 percent under Somoza reduced to 12.96 percent. This Phantasm supplement is in honor of nine brigadistas-- teachers of literacy-- who were killed during their efforts to teach reading and writing skills to 500,000 Nicaraguans.

"... The whole is an experience to read, and of value to anyone interested in literacy. A powerful issue, indeed"--Bill Katz, Library Journal

Jim Haining of Salt Lick Press, Quincy, Illinois, writes "Your Phantasm the best wide angle publication in the 'small' presses I think."

Zu Vincent interviews Larry Jackson and Phantasm poetry editor Phillip Hemenway for her illustrated article "Larry Jackson's Dream" (Chico News and Review, August 26, 1982) with a subarticle "Is Poetry Dead?"

Although Larry Jackson was working on the next issue of Phantasm-- vol. 5, no. 4, never made it to press. Volume 5, no. 3, issue 27, is the last one published.

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