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Windows of Snow by Elizabeth Revere
Poems of strange presences tangles with family relationships and perplexed emotions


My Father Can You See Me

For Peter, Memories of Mamaroneck

The Holly Tree, For Ann

Wedding Album


My Grandparents

The Old House Waits

The Silver Trowel

The Lost Photograph

The House of Hummels

The Moor

The Bottle Men



Next Time

Bridal Shower

In Never, Never Land

Stone Boats



They Marry the Moon

My Little Walden

Happy Anniversary

For Emily Dickinson

The Voice

The White House

We Laughed in the Rain

Night Caller

The House Is Empty

Your Face Is a Ghost


Irish Grandma

The Moon Is a Clown

They Hide from Me

Yard Sale

Fires in the Snow


My Quilt Is Stained with Hours

My Son Far from Home

Sarah, Sarah

If Someday


The Train

Mother's Day


My Husband

They Stole a Portrait

Don't Mention the Indians

Between the Mist of Organdy

Grandfather's Chair

I'm a Farm Girl

Mansion on the Hill

The White Ghost

March Snow

Three Sisters

The Birth

For Jean

To the Crane


From a Hotel Window


The Day Pond Dam Broke

Where the Dolls Play

About the Poet

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Windows of Snow by Elizabeth Revere

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