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Windows of Snow by Elizabeth Revere
Poems of strange presences tangles with family relationships and perplexed emotions

About the author

Elizabeth Revere is the pseudonym for Ruth Raby. Heidelberg Graphics also published her book Cricket Moon, and other poems in Phantasm.

Comments by the publisher

Elizabeth Revere used to send Heidelberg Graphics homemade fruit cake each Christmas. Every once in a while over a period of fifteen years she would phone from her Old Greenwich home and warn about earthquakes she predicted would happen in our area of California. She could feel the signs in her legs. Revere would also send photographs showing spirits her camera captured. One such photo is shown on the back cover of her book, Cricket Moon.

Elizabeth Revere has passed away. A painting she gave me hangs in my office keeping fond memories of the spirited woman with me.

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Windows of Snow by Elizabeth Revere

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