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Maggie Greeno: A Woman Ahead of Her Time by George McDow, Jr.
 Historical narrative on the unusual life, adventures and achievements of Margaret Ann (Wallace) Greeno, a California pioneer.


Boston, Massachusetts, 1838-1850

Moses Oakes, 1851-1853

The Babies, 1854-1858

"Pete" Kelly, "1858-1859

Inskip, Butte County, 1860

Chapparal House, 1860

Charles Bates Clark, 1860-1861

The Turpentine Venture, 1861-1862

Maggie's Inskip Home, 1862-1864

Honey Lake's Valley, 1864

Susanville, 1864-1867

The Steward House, 1868-1870

George W. Greeno, 1971-1976

Long Valley, 1877-1889

Lake Greeno, 1890-1895

The Willow Ranch, 1896-1904

Doyle, The Railroad Town, 1905-1916


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