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Maggie Greeno: A Woman Ahead of Her Time by George McDow, Jr.
Historical narrative on the unusual life, adventures and achievements of Margaret Ann (Wallace) Greeno, a California pioneer.

About the author

George McDow, Jr., a native Californian, was raised in the historic community of Susanville, Lassen County, California, situated on the Old Noble Immigrant Trail.

Fascinated by tales told by pioneer settlers to their offspring of experiences encountered in early-day mining camps and on Western stock ranches, he developed an insatiable curiosity to research and record that pervading spirit and the achievements of those who contributed so much to the development of northeastern California.

After 35 years employed in the lumber industry he retired and moved to Chico, California, where he has pursued his interest in historical research. McDow has sought to explore and write about  the accomplishments of pioneers, and the women who had been ignored by a male-dominated society. He has contributed many historical stories through talks and written articles for historical societies. He authored the book Booms and Mushrooms, a story of Susanville from 1910 to 1930, published by Lahontan Images, Susanville, California. George McDow Jr. died February 5, 2007, at age 96.

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