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Table of Contents

Prepare Ye! Prepare Ye! by F. Edward Butterworth
Urgent warnings and specific prophetic instructions for the saints of Christ.

Author's Statement

Part One, Remove Not the Ancient Landmark

Chapter 1: The Key of Knowledge

Figure 1

A Highway of Glass

True Israel Possesses the Key

Mystery of the Kingdom

What Is the Fullness?

The Godhead

Figure 2

Other Basic Concepts

Rays of Light

Chapter 2: Chamber of Creation

Figure 3

The Creation of the Only Begotten

"I Pray Not for the World"

Creation of the Holy Ghost

The Bosom of God

The Tabernacle

Divine Co-Creators

Man Cannot Co-Create

Chapter 3: The Spiritual Creation

Figure 4

Lucifer's Demand Denied

War in Heaven

Intelligence and Truth

Challenging the Word

The Same Mind

"My Sheep Hear My Voice"

The Abiding Comforter

Chapter 4: The Physical Formation

Figure 5

The First Flash

A Living Soul

Non-Human Souls

Formation of Adam and Eve

Mind, Brain, and Conscience

Chapter 5: The Narrow Way

Figure 6

Age of Accountability

Banished from the Garden

Innocent Before God

The Way of Intelligence

The Narrow Way vs. Hate

False Teachers

The True Light of the Narrow Way


Chapter 6: The Spiritual Creation

Figure 7

Conscience Can Be Seared

The True Nature of Man

Satan's Light

Snares Encountered in Idumea

Peace and Freedom


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Part Two, The Eternal Church of the Restoration

Chapter 7: Culture of the Kingdom of God

Figure 8

An Ancient Culture

Who Are the Favored of God?

Righteous To Be Led Away


The Original Culture



Cultural Evolution

We Must Be One

The Nations Rage

Chapter 8: The World's Oldest Religion

Figure 9

Antiquity of the Gospel

Divine Pattern

Lucifer Rebelled

The Underworld

Churches of Men

The Name "Saints"

Paul's Strong Words

Chapter 9: Faith vs. The Law of Moses

Figure 10

Works of the Law

Abraham Believed in Christ

The Just to Live by Faith

Schoolmaster Law

New Covenant

Justified by Faith

Desecration of the Holy Mount

The Fullness Removed

The Holy Mount

Moses Was Not Punished

Only One Living Religion

Chapter 10: Judaism

Figure 11

Other Holy Days


References (Judaism)

Chapter 11: Hinduism

Figure 12

Gods and Goddesses

Teachings of Hinduism

Phallus-Centric Architecture


References (Hinduism)

Chapter 12: Shintoism

Figure 13

Female Deity


References (Shintoism)

Chapter 13: Zoroastrianism

Figure 14

The Chaldean Mysteries


References (Zoroastrianism)

Chapter 14: Toaism

Figure 15

The Dow


References (Taoism)

Chapter 15: Jainism

Figure 16

An Ascetic


References (Jainism)

Chapter 16: Buddhism

Figure 17

The Eightfold Path


References (Buddhism)

Chapter 17: Confucianism

Figure 18

Roots in Antiquity

Ranked as Emperor

Nature of Worship


References (Confucianism)

Chapter 18: Islam

Figure 19

Aggressive Military Tactics

Arab Religion Before Mohammad

Northern and Southern Arabs

The First Mosque


References (Islam)

Chapter 19: Sikhism

Figure 20

Need for a United Religion

Scriptures of Sikhism


References (Sikhism)

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Part Three, The Ancient Order of Enoch

Chapter 20: The Order of Enoch as Government

Figure 21

The Order of Enoch and the Kingdom of God

The First Dispensation

The Second Dispensation

King of Salem

Melchizedek Wrought Righteousness

Priesthood Power

The People Wrought Righteousness

The Third Dispensation

The Fourth Dispensation

The Fifth Dispensation

Chapter 21: The Order of Priesthood

Figure 22

Christ's First Appearance

Peace on Earth

Priesthood in the First Dispensation


Figure 23

Satan's Kingdom

People of God vs Children of Men

Chapter 22: Our Quarter of the Earth

Figure 24

Figure 25

The Garden of Eden



Enoch the Seer

Enoch Hears the Voice of Christ

Enoch Appeared

Land of Mahujah

God's Footstool

Fear of Remorse

Chapter 23: Founder of the Order of Enoch

Figure 26

Divine Vision on Mount Simeon



The City of Enoch

Zion is Fled

Chapter 24: Joseph, A Choice Seer

Figure 27

God Still Speaks to Mankind

One Mighty Among Them

Prayers of Faith

Mystery of Quantum Physics

"Experiment Upon My Words"

Testimony of Nature

Baurak Ale

Lectures on Faith

The New Translation

Figure 28

Section 76

Chapter 25: Section 77

Ancient Landmark Removed

Ministry to the Poor

Establishing the Poor

Spiritual Equality

Equal in Heavenly Things

Earthly Things

An Ensample

Michael, The Archangel

The Kingdom Is Yours

Chapter 26: Section 81

Refrain from Sin

Achieving Perfection

Consecrated Land

Consecration of Talents

The Storehouse

No Poor in Zion

An Everlasting Order

Mammon of Unrighteousness

Chapter 27: Section 89

United Order of Enoch

People of Shedolamak

Chapter 28: Section 93

Antiquity of the Lord's House

A Descendant of Seth

Chapter 29: Section 101

The Everlasting Order of Enoch


The Poor Shall Be Exalted

Zion Is Fled

Dissolution of the United Order

Chapter 30: The Order of Enoch in the Restoration of 1830

The Order of Enoch in the Reorganization


Frederick M. Smith and the Order of Enoch

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Part Four, Behold! The Bridegroom Cometh

Chapter 31: Darkness Covereth the Earth

Figure 29

Gross Darkness

As a Whirlwind

"Upon My House Shall It Begin"

Spokesman for Joseph


Babylon the Great

Chapter 32: The Whole Armor of God

The Visible Church

Paul's Counsel

The Invisible Church

Defensive Armor

How to Obtain the Shield of Faith

Offensive Armor

Chapter 33: Death and Paradise

Figure 30

Death Is Precious

All Saints Go To Paradise

Process of Judgment

Judgment in Paradise

A Place of Learning

Savior and Judge

Mercy Cannot Rob Justice

Chamber A in Paradise

The Prodigal Son

Mystery of the First Resurrection

In the Twinkling of an Eye

The Champ of the Saints

Figure 31

Perfection is a Commandment

Ministry of the Archangel

Chamber B

Chapter 34: Transfiguration of the Earth

Figure 32

Process of Transfiguration

Graft in the Branches

Return of the North Countries

Ancient Scriptures to Come Forth

Mount Zion

The Heathen Are Christ's Inheritance

Mortals and Immortals Together

Return of the Underworld

Return of the Quarter Eden

Figure 33

The Beloved City

Chapter 35: The Great Millennial

Figure 34

Joseph Taught from on High

The Seventh Trump

A Timeless Zone

Chapter 36: The Final Judgment

Figure 35

The First Resurrection

The Second Resurrection

The Bottomless Pit

The Little Season

Figure 36

Lake of Fire

The Hour of His Judgment

Four and Twenty Elders

Lehi's Vision

Jacob Called "Israel"

Chapter 37: The Three Glories

Figure 37

Telestial Glory

Terrestrial Glory

Celestial Glory

New Heaven and New Earth

Foundation of Living Waters

Adam Teaches His Family

The Bride and Bridegroom

His Wife Hath Made Herself Ready

Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Adam Delivers Up His Stewardship

Sermon on the Mount

Christ Delivers the Saints to God

The City Foursquare

Figure 38

Precise Boundaries

Chapter 38: Conclusion

Our Incentive

A Religious War

Latter Days to be Shortened

No Other Goal

Top of page

Appendix A

New Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Inspired Version)

Figure 39, Joseph's King James Bible

Questions and Answers

Figure 40, Two Records

Figure 41, Title Page of New Testament

Figure 42, 1867 Title Page

Figure 43, Photocopy from New Translation

Top of page

Order Prepare Ye! Prepare Ye! by F. Edward Butterworth, ISBN 0-941227-04-9

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