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Tales from Ishi Country: Selected Stories from Memories edited by Gene Serr
Stories about Ishi Country, named after the Yahi's homeland.

About the Editor


Map of Ishi Country

Dedication to Ishi

Indian Tales

Ishi's Homeland by Gene Serr

Warlike Mill Creeks or Peaceful Yahi? by Richard Burrill

Tales from Buck's Flat by Gere Serr (Memories 2012)

The Benner Family by Beverly Benner Ogle (Memories 2012)

The Ishi Marker by Beverly Benner Ogle (Memories 2008)

The Music Tree by Gene Serr

Trail Tales

Along the Lassen Trail by Gene Serr

Fannie Reading's Letters (Memories 2003)

The Ten-Day Sheep Trail by Elwin A. Roney (Memories 1993)

The Cattle Drive on the Campbell Trail by June Norton (Memories 2007)

Head's Trail by Gene Serr (Memories 1994)

Pink Kulu by Gabrielle Brown and Gene Serr

Lumbering, Flume, and Related Tales

Tehama County's First Major Sawmill by Leslie J. Freeman (Memories 1997)

The Belle Mill Road and Its Connection by Gene Serr (Memories 1985)

The Judd Creek Connection by Gene Serr (Memories 1997)

Logging Tramways by Richard Jenkins (Memories 1997)

More Water for the Champion, Jack Turner and the Last Ditch by Gene Serr (Memories 1993)

Characters on Jack-Rabbit RIdge by Anderson Finley and Gene Serr (Memories 1999)

A Ride on the Sierra Flume by Nancy Turner Dunham (Memories 2007)

Catching a Horse Thief by Flume by Anderson Finley and Gene Serr (Memories 2000)

A Trip to Lyonsville by Dan Osborn (Memories 2011)

More Ishi Country Tales

The Belle Mill Cemetery by Beverly Benner Ogle (Memories 2008)

Topsy of Belle Mill by Bon Accord (Memories 2011)

Boargunnel Hill by Author Unknown (Memories 1996)

The Hermit of Mill Creek Canyon by Anderson Finley (Red Bluff Sentinel, 1/17/34)

The Oro Water, Light, and Power Company by Gene Serr

McCarthy Point Lookout by Beverly Benner Ogle (Memories 2000)

Ponderosa Way by Gene Serr

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