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Gene Serr first became fascinated by the Ishi story when Theodora Kroeber’s book, Ishi in Two Worlds, came out in 1961. He and his wife Nancy joined a weekend Sierra Club backpack trip into Deer Creek canyon, where he first saw some of Ishi’s remote homeland. In 1966 he was transferred by the California Department of Water Resources from Sacramento, where he worked as a planning engineer, to a new district office in Red Bluff. He became well acquainted with the upper Mill Creek area on hiking and fishing trips. Gene and Nancy eventually bought a cabin at Mineral and would spend as much time there as possible.

When Gene retired in 1988 he became active in the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society. He researched and wrote many articles for their annual Memories, including several related to the lumbering flume history of what has become known as Ishi Country. He served as editor or co-editor of Memories for about ten years.

Gene keeps as busy as he feels like on various historical research projects. He hopes that people enjoy this collection of articles on Ishi Country.

Book Information

Tales From Ishi Country includes selected stories from Memories, the annual publication of the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society (TCGHS). It is published in association with Association for Northern California Historical Research (ANCHR). The book is edited by Gene Serr for the TCGHS. Production editing and design is by Jim Jessee for ANCHR.

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