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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about eBooks and the Heidelberg Graphics forum of manuscripts

How do I download a free manuscript from the Heidelberg Graphics Forum?

First you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft eBook Reader software installed on your computer. Click on the manuscript you want to read and it will activate your software, which will open the manuscript file. Then save the file to your computer.

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How do I submit my manuscript to the Heidelberg Graphics forum of manuscripts?

Send an e-mail query to forum@HeidelbergGraphics.com with a short description of your work. You will receive a reply with instructions for sending your file. Manuscripts must be good enough for publication to be posted at this site.

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Who determines whether my manuscript qualifies for posting?

Heidelberg Graphics is a publisher. An editor will review your manuscript.

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Is there a charge for having my manuscript read for possible inclusion in the forum?

No. However, please do not send material that you know would get turned down.

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What happens if my manuscript isn't accepted for the forum?

You will be notified. We cannot give you a reason or an evaluation because we do not charge for reading your manuscript.

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Will your editors help me if I need to polish my work before submitting it?

Heidelberg Graphics offers professional editing services.

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How is my manuscript protected?

Manuscripts are intellectual property created by the author and according to common law are protected by copyrights upon creation. When a manuscript is transformed by Heidelberg Graphics for the forum we put notice on the title page in proper format that the book is copyrighted by the author and all rights are reserved. Heidelberg Graphics has no rights to the manuscript except posting it on the forum.

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How much would it cost to have my work professionally edited by Heidelberg Graphics?

That depends on what is involved. Rewrites, research, and ghost writing are more costly than checking grammar and punctuation. An estimate can be provided.

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If I get a manuscript posted on your site, what's in it for me?

Heidelberg Graphics has published and worked with other publishers and authors for over 35 years. We have seen many manuscripts that are worthy of publication. Regrettably, not every publishable manuscript gets published. This is the place for those manuscripts. What the author receives is having a his or her name and manuscript discovered by Web search engines that comb this site and give authors worldwide exposure. Also, the author retains all rights to the manuscript and can have it published by anyone, anytime he or she has an opportunity, without having to render compensation to Heidelberg Graphics.

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What is in it for Heidelberg Graphics?

First, we discover new writing. This is something we enjoyed when publishing the literary magazine Phantasm over twenty years ago and the many books we've done since, some of which are listed in Recommended Publications. Second, it enhances our Web site to offer readers quality writing not seen before.

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What kind of manuscripts will you post on the forum?

All genres are welcome: Fiction, nonfiction, science, religion, politics, biographies or just about anything that exemplifies top quality writing. The only subject we exclude is juvenile stories.

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What do you do with manuscripts you don't post on forum?

Manuscripts not posted to the Heidelberg Graphics forum of manuscripts are deleted. We do not save or use them for any reason.

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What about privacy?

Correspondence is confidential. The only time your name is exposed is when it's listed in the forum. We do not share, rent or sell names or addresses of persons corresponding with us. In fact, you may use a pseudonym when corresponding if you want, but your real or pen name must be used when your manuscript is posted on the forum.

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I have a question not listed on this page. How can I ask it?

Please e-mail your question to forum@HeidelbergGraphics.com.


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