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Secrets of Hollywood Heydays by Marilyn Nash
Nash, co-star of Charlie Chaplin's movie, Monsieur Verdoux, shares Hollywood secrets, and reveals her diet and healthy living programs.

About the author

Marilyn Nash was born in Detroit, Michigan, to a wealthy family. Her mother was Detroit's Belle of the Ball. Her father was riding high with his own Monarch Bumper Company, which made all the bumpers for Lincoln Motor automobiles. Her grandfather was chief controller for Cadillac Motor Company after he became secretary and treasurer of the Lincoln Motor Company.

Then the Great Depression hit and all was lost. Marilyn and her sister were placed in foster homes because their father couldn't afford to raise them. Some were good, and some were not so good. This taught her perseverance and optimism. Marilyn's belief is "this too shall pass." Her at ease manner says to one that she's been there and done that, and knows her facts.

After her family was reunited, she grew up with them in the country. Her father loved vegetable gardens and horses. With so many fresh vegetables to eat (she hated picking dusty beans and peas), she became conscious of healthy foods. In addition to her enjoyment of fresh vegetables, she acquired her father's love for horses, and she became fully in charge of the family's herd.

Marilyn attended Leggett School for Girls in Detroit then went on to the University of Arizona. For Christmas vacation, she and her mother stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was discovered on the tennis court, invited to play tennis at the Charlie Chaplin estate, and put under contract for Chaplin's next movie.

Most recently, Marilyn Nash reviews movies for newspapers, is an interior and exterior designer, a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, involved with the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic, a co-founder of Birdcage Theatre, active with Friends of the Parks and the Chinese Temple in Oroville. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Comments by the publisher

Marilyn Nash wrote this eclectic book to share secrets of Hollywood's heydays. Nash tells her experiences with some famous names, reveals her original diet plan -- including tips for physical fitness, gives us her formulas for beauty and health, and talks about etiquette.

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Order Secrets Hollywood Heydays, ISBN 0-9675668-1-9, $24.95

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