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Plumas Sketches by Jane Braxton Little and Sally Posner
Illustrated history and stories about Plumas County, California.

About the author and illustrator

Jane Braxton Little and Sally Posner both settled in Plumas County in the 1960s. They have been friends since 1969, when they met at a yard sale in Chester, and working partners since 1982, when they began collaborating on Plumas Sketches.

Jane is a free lance journalist whose work focuses on natural resources and the people involved in managing them. Her stories and photographs have appeared in numerous national magazines and newspapers.

Sally is an artist and building designer who has created the plans for many of Plumas County's newer structures. Her paintings of local buildings and landscapes are on display at galleries throughout the region.

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Order Plumas Sketches, ISBN 0-961188-2-6, $19.95

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