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As Geese Fly South: A Pioneer Home School without the Home by Hiona
Determined mother overcomes challenges when government tries to prevent her children from home schooling.

Comments by the author

Once upon a time, children played hop scotch before the days of television, when milk was delivered upon the doorstep in glass bottles. Mothers up and down the street stayed home each day, and fathers drove to work out of one car garages.

The time came when the family gathered intently around a new invention with its small bright screen, then those screens grew bigger as did the garages, and disposable cartons of milk in bigger markets all glittered as symbols of progress in knowledge and education. White picket fences and sunshine on the soapsuds became laughable and embarrassing amid this new glamour.

Into this atmosphere my story unfolds ... where the words "teaching my own children at home" suggested a rejection of the forward thrust of civilization, a thought condemned both socially and legally. So once upon a real time, this had to be whispered behind closed doors or get reported. To teach your own children was like facing the Oregon Trail alone without the wagon train.

There are many excellent "how-to" books today to guide you in home schooling ... this is not one of those. Yet maybe, just maybe, what you read in As the Geese Fly South will be a real help to you at the most basic livel and a quiet key to any seemingly impossible doors that may be before you.

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Comments by the publisher

Hiona offers courage for the discouraged and the key to overcoming obstacles including unsupportive or abusive spouses, state laws, or facing home schooling all alone financially or emotionally.

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Order As the Geese Fly South, ISBN 0967262704, $10.95

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