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Table of Contents

The History of Butte College Men's Basketball by Thomas Charles Anderson
Stories of games, players, politics, coaches and their rosters.



Chapter I


Purpose of the Study



Significance of the Study

Research Methods

Chapter II

Historical Background


A Matter of Money

A Prize Goal to Grab

A Temporary Site

The In-Coming Faculty: Including Lincoln

That Controversial Masco

The Lincoln Years

The 1968-1969 Season

The 1969-1970 Season

An Off-Campus Skirmish

A Change in the Rules

Chapter III

The Abell Years: The Seventies

The Abell Game Plan

The 1970-1971 Season

The 1971-1972 Season

The 1972-1973 Season

The 1973-1974 Season

A Butte/Feather River Tangle

The 1974-1975 Season

The 1975-1976 Season

The 1976-1977 Season

The 1977-1978 Season

The 1978-1979 Season

A Game to Notice

The 1979-1980 Season

Chapter IV

Change of the Guard

The 1980-1981 Season

The Tom Powers Year

An Overtime Game

1982-1983: Abell Returns

Storm Clouds in 1983/1984

The 1984-1985 Season

The 1985-1986 Season

Asides About Art Acker

Chapter V

The Newman Years

The 1986-1987 Season

The 1987-1988 Season

The 1988-1989 Season

Chapter VI

Abell Returns

The 1989-1990 Season

’Runners’ Most Famous Game

The 1990-1991 Season

Chapter VII

The Cleek Era

The 1991-92 Season

The 1992-1993 Season

How Harrie Hit the Hoop

The 1993-1994 Season

The 1994-95 Season

The 1995-1996 Season

The 1996-97 Season

The 1997-1998 Season

Chapter VIII

Summary and Conclusions

Men’s Basketball Rosters

Butte College, 1974–1975

Butte College, 1975–1976

Butte College, 1981–1982

Butte College, 1982–1983

Butte College, 1983–1984

Butte College, 1984–1985

Butte College, 1985–1986

Butte College, 1987–1988

Butte College, 1988–1989

Butte College, 1989–1990

Butte College, 1990–1991

Butte College, 1991–1992

Butte College, 1992–1993

Butte College, 1993–1994

Butte College, 1994–1995

Butte College, 1995–1996

Butte College, 1996–1997

Butte College, 1997–1998




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