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Wooden Wings over the Golden Gate: Early Aviation in the San Francisco Bay Area 1910-1939
A detailed account of early flying, manufacturing, pioneers, and aviation events in the Bay Area.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Chapter 1
Dominguez Hills Air Meet – First flights – Pacific Aero Club – Louis Pulhan’s first flight in Northern California – Flying begins in the Bay Area – Early aircraft manufacturing in the Bay Area – Tanforan Air Meet of 1911 – Amateurs fly at Tanforan – Asian fliers – Prominent Bay Area aviators – First airports in the Bay Area
Chapter 2
Didier Masson – Notable aviators emerge in 1910 – Outstanding local aviators of 1911- 1912 – First Bay Area professionals – Flying activities promote the Panama-Pacific International Exposition 
Chapter 3
Silas Christofferson – The Christofferson Aeroplane Manufacturing Company – The Christofferson Aviation School – Christofferson’s flying students
Chapter 4 
Aviation during the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) – Local professional aviators at the PPIE – The best fly at the PPIE – Redwood City aviation post-PPIE and pre-WWI – Postwar aviation at Redwood City – Alfred Lawson’s dream – Friesley gets into flying – Varney takes over Redwood Aviation
Chapter 5
Aviation in the Bay Area during the Great War – Postwar aviation – San Francisco’s first municipal airport – Premature airline efforts – Third National Aeronautical Exposition – Air show at Crissy Field – Marina Field flying – Marina Field closes
Chapter 6
East Bay flying in the postwar era – Durant Field – Cliff Durant, aviation entrepreneur – Jacuzzi Brothers Inc. – Eddie Rickenbacker in Northern California – Early airliners in Northern California – Mills Field ­– Early flying at San Jose and Santa Clara
Chapter 7
The first Bay Farm Island airport – Development of Oakland Municipal Airport – Aviation thrives at Oakland Muni – The Second Cadre – A new airport at Alameda – Scheduled airline service for the Bay Area begins
Chapter 8
Oakland airports 1929-1933 – Boeing School of Aeronautics – Boeing Air Transport – TAT inaugurated at Oakland – Commercial flying at Oakland Muni – San Francisco Bay Airdrome opens
Chapter 9
The race to Hawaii – Ernie Smith versus the US Army – Maitland and Hegenberger – Ernie Smith betrayed – Smith and Bronte crash land on Molokai – Dick Grace at Barking Sands

Chapter 10
The Dole Race – The good, the bad, and the ungainly – Kingsford Smith, first across the Pacific to Australia

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Wooden Wings over the Golden Gate by Allen Herr

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