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The Wildflowers of Bidwell Park
The most common or interesting wildflowers in the City of Chico's 4,000- acre Bidwell Park.

The Wildflowers of Bidwell Park points out some of the more interesting and common wildflowers of the 3,670 acres of Bidwell Park. Some are rare, some abundant, some dull, some showy. The book's aim is not to identify every wildflower but to reveal to you the great variety of interesting wildflowers at your feet in the park. You will appreciate them much more after you get to know them. 

Of the almost 800 species of vascular plants in Bidwell Park, there are more than 300 species of wildflowers. Many are very similar and take an expert eye distinguish, so we have chosen 112 of the most common species to illustrate, but we mention or describe 273 total species. --Roger J. Lederer

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