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The Trees of Bidwell Park by Roger J. Lederer, PhD
Guide to trees seen in Chico, California's, Bidwell Park with identification characteristics, interesting facts, and color illustrations.

Bidwell Park’s 3,670 acres constitute a green belt of 11 miles from Bidwell Mansion to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and comprises 17 percent of the city’s property, much of which is heavily treed. This book points out some of the more interesting and common trees in Bidwell Park. There are a few dozen species of native trees in the Chico area, but hundreds of introduced species and varieties; some are abundant, such as sycamores and maples. Others, such as the Dawn Redwood, are rare. We have included a few interesting trees that are found only on the California State University, Chico campus since it is essentially the western end of the park. 

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