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Terrorism and Halcyon Days by A. Zitlaw
A. Zitlaw weaves international characters together in his brilliant novel of vengeance, love, and terror.

The terror of starvation and servitude launches Han Zhao on a lifelong mission to improve the lives of his people. Shotugu Yoritomo, a scion of wealth and power, is burdened by the historical shame over the atomic bomb being used against his country. Yoritomo and Han Zhao scheme against the United States. Doctor Myrna Zhukov mourns over another reign of terror against her homeland. Chet Ramsey, caught in a shower of the defoliant Agent Orange in Vietnam, feels the terror of his illness and abandonment by his country. Their paths cross at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan, where mankind seems on the brink of self-destruction. But each feels the personal, triumphant strength of the human spirit in a redeeming ray of hope.

The human spirit triumphs, however, in a redeeming ray of hope!

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