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The Movie Adventures of Eva Jordan by Jan Hill
School kids scheme when a famous actor comes into their town to film a movie.


Meet Eva Jordan, September 1937
The Other Army
Extra Extras!
The Robin Hood Train
The Jordan Girls at Home
Poison Oak Girl
A Robin Hood for Spain?
A Painting Called Guernica
Train from Hollywood
Painted Trees
The School Board
Where Has Our Teacher Gone?
Filming Begins
Hooked on Moviemaking
Ideas Can Grow on Trees
Camping Furlough
Grandma and Grandpa Jordan
Time Will Tell
The Bird Chase
A New Plan
Movie Gossip
A Surprise Visit
Extras, Extras, Read All About Them!
The Bold Ambush
In Like Flynn!
Robin and the School Board
Waiting, Waiting
Robin Returns

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Click to order The Adventures of Eva Jordan by Jan Hill

Click to order The Movie Adventures of Eva Jordan by Jan Hill

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