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Finding the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island: A Novel Based on a True Story by R. C. Nidever
An historical novel of native American woman Juana Maria left on a remote island off California in 1835.

Based on the same true story as my favorite childhood book Island of the Blue Dolphins, but told here much more completely and from a totally different perspective. A moving and beautifully written book.  --Judi Loren Grace, author

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The year is 1835, and the setting is the southern coast and islands of California. Sixty-five years have passed since Catholic missionaries first arrived, during which time coastal Indians have been decimated by disease and the relentless suppression of their traditional way of life. 

The Channel Islands, once home to thousands of Indians, are now empty, except for one—San Nicolas Island, which is seventy miles from the coast, some twenty-five to fifty miles further out than the other islands. A ship is sent to remove the last few island-dwelling Indians, but due to a series of unlikely events not everyone makes it off the island. 

This poignant, inspiring novel recounts one of the greatest feats of human survival ever recorded—a story revealing the true capacity of the human spirit for hope, courage and grace. --anonymous


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Finding the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island. Stansbury Publishing

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