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Table of Contents

California Standoff: Miners, Indians and Farmers at War 1850-1865 by Michele Shover
History of Northern California Indians conflicting with miners and farmers and Chico founder John Bidwell's role between them.

Illustration Credits, ix
Introduction to the People and Places
The Mountain Maidu and the Valley Maidu, xv
The Settlers and John Bidwell, xxx
“Big Times” at Bidwell’s Rancho: The Indian Treaties 
of 1851, 1
Defeat of the Treaty, 31
Bidwell: Under Siege and in Pursuit, 49
The Butte Creeks Become Mill Creeks, 73
Settlers Avenge the New Mill Creeks, 83
Kibbe’s 1859 Pit River Expedition, 121
Child Killings in Civil War Politics, 135
Harassing Rebs, the Indian Soldiers’ Pastime, 159
The Military Response to New Child Killings, 173
John Bidwell Outfoxes Soldiers, Bureaucrats and 
Settlers, 205
The Death Trail, 217
Retribution on Mill Creek, 253
Bibliography, 273
Acknowledgments, 299
Appendix A, 303
Appendix B, 307
Appendix C, 311
Appendix D, 313
Appendix E, 319
Abbreviations, 345
Endnotes, 347
Index, 401

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