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The Birds of Bidwell Park: Enhanced Edition by Roger Lederer, PhD
Guide to 100 birds seen in Chico, California's, Bidwell Park with descriptive characteristics and color illustrations.

Retired Chico State professors Carol Burr and Roger Lederer spent a year penning and illustrating a book about the birds found in 
Bidwell Park.

Flip a couple of pages into Roger Lederer’s new book, and the reader will find a dedication to Annie Bidwell. It’s a fitting tribute to 
Chico’s “founding mother,” who after all made her own dedication to the community more than 100 years ago by gifting the city the land 
comprising a majority of Bidwell Park.

Since Bidwell’s donation back in 1905, the property, originally about 2,500 acres, has since gained hundreds of acres through city 
purchases and has grown into a 3,600-acre municipal park stretching for 11 miles.

The Birds of Bidwell Park is Lederer’s fifth book on birds, and during a recent walk near One-Mile Recreation Area, the retired Chico 
State biology professor explained what sets it apart from his other projects. --Melissa Daugherty, Chico News and Review

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The Birds of Bidwell Park: Enhanced Version, ISBN 9781935807292

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