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Sylvia's Book by Linda Kathleen Peelle
Teenager Sylvia Hill led a sheltered life in London and comes to understand real love from intense romance with two men on an amazing adventure with her dad.

Linda Peelle-Haddeman works part-time at Bayliss Library in Glenn County, California. She was born in Covina and lives in Paradise with her husband Ted.  She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English literature and became an actress with the Bishop's Company, a touring theatre group.

Peelle's novel, Sylvia's Book, is especially enjoyed by young women. It starts in London in the late 1800s at the upscale Hill residence. Mr. Hill takes his teenage daughter with him on a business trip  to Manaus, Brazil.  He ventures into the jungle to investigate his company's treatment of labor as Sylvia stays in a boarding house and finds work. While her father is away she meets her first love.

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Click to order Sylvia's Book by Linda Kathleen Peelle

Click to order Sylvia's Book by Linda Kathleen Peelle

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