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"No Screaming Jelly Beans": Trying to Pursue a Career While Raising a Son with Autism by Denise E. Minor, PhD
Raising a son with autism, Denise Minor struggles to pursue her dream of making it through graduate school and landing a job as professor.

Reviews of "No Screaming Jelly Beans"

“This is a beautiful, heartwarming, heartbreaking story about what autism means to a deeply thoughtful mother and her family. Well-written, insightful, genuine, and deeply loving it captures the specialness of the joy and the ache of autism. As a psychiatrist who has spent most of his career working with families that have someone with autism within them, I found this book inspirational and moving. I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who knows someone with autism and everyone who has thought deeply about life and love.”
—Dr. Robert L. Hendren, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco, past President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and past Executive Director the of University of California, Davis MIND Institute

“Through her stories, Denise shares how a mother’s love causes her to draw on an inner strength to take on the monumental challenges that come with raising a child with special needs. That she has done this without losing her sense of self and without giving up on her own hopes and dreams is inspiring to parents like myself who have a child with special needs.”
—Emily Medina, MS, Marriage and Family Therapist

“Denise Minor stares unblinking at her son’s autism and her own heartbreaks. Her writing is clear, strong and precise, and is buttressed by the iron will of a loving mother who tries her best not to scream or avert her gaze.”
—Andrew Lam, PEN Open Book Award recipient and author of Birds of Paradise Lost, East Eats West and Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora

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"No Screaming Jelly Beans" by Denise Minor

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