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Lawrence of Vietnam by Michael M. Peters
The Vietnam War viewed by teenager Sergeant Broadleaf.

Michael M. Peters served as a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, working on F-105s, F-111s, and C-130s.

"Our F-105 pilots flew more combat missions and had more planes shot out from under them than any other combat wing," says Peters. "The average age of the U.S. serviceman in Vietnam was in the low 20s, compared to 26 in WWII. Lawrence of Vietnam is a teenagerís view of the war."

Mike Peters attended U.C. Berkeley in the 1960s. After the war he received his B.A. in theatre and film with a minor in journalism. He wrote for several newspapers and worked in Hollywood. He has had several scripts stolen from him and made into movies and had to sue half the major studios in Hollywood over Shakespeare in Love. "Iím still chopping off heads."

"Iím owed an Oscar," says Peters. "Thereís no copyright protection left. Congress hasnít given the FBI a budget to go after script hijackers and American copyright law is full of loopholes."

Peters is currently doing graduate work and hopes to retire on a South Sea island where he plans to watch coconuts fall off trees. "Thatís as busy as I want to be."


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Order Lawrence of Vietnam by Michael M. Peters

Order Lawrence of Vietnam by Michael M. Peters

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