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Chronicles of the Clandestine Knights: Hyacinth Blue by Tony Nunes
Four knights, out on a profitable quest, join forces against evil nonbelievers in God.

"The book, weighing in at a hefty 328 pages of small type, follows four adventurers on a grueling quest to find a special medicine for a wealthy client.

"However, their simple journey ends up being a lot more than they had bargained for when they become involved in a rebellion against the villainous Count of Xylor after a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger.

"In a time when the world needed a hero ... in an age of tyrants and treachery ... when the sword ruled nations ... four unlikely adventurers answered the call. … What these four friends do will change history, and shape the future. Though they came from humble beginnings, and suffered injustices, they prove once and for all it’s not a birthright that makes one a knight, it’s integrity, honor, and the warrior’s code. …" --Ryan Allbaugh, Paradise Post

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Order Chronicles of the Clandestine Knights by Tony Nunes, $17.95, ISBN 0-9708922-3-3

Order Chronicles of the Clandestine Knights: Hyacinth Blue by Tony Nunes

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