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Aviation in Northern California 1910-1939 Volume II: Yuba, Sutter, and Butte Counties
Northern California airfield development, pioneer pilots, airplane builders, and risk takers.

Table of Contents
List of Photographs and Illustrations –– p. v
Introduction — p. vii
Acknowledgements and Dedication — p. xiii
Chapter 1 –– p. 1
First flights in the Sacramento Valley – Frank Johnson at Marysville – Thaddeus Kerns and “Bud Mars” attempt to fly – Charlie Hamilton flies the valley’s first professional exhibition – Knight Park racetrack becomes an airport – Kingsford-Smith stranded in Yuba City – Friesley Falcon flies the baseball team – Barnstormers at Marysville
Chapter 2 –– p. 39
The Angel Flying Circus comes to Marysville – Jimmie Angel meets Dr. Johnson – Angel’s career before Yuba City – Dr. Johnson, founder of Yuba City’s first airport – Angel Airport – Angel brothers’ hurried departure – Johnson struggles to keep the airport open
Chapter 3 –– p. 75
James E. Read leads the search for new airport site – Heiman Cheim donates airport site in Marysville – Dr. Johnson is still in the game – Cheim Field is created – Jim Read is named airport manager – Sierra Aircraft Company at Marysville – Cheim Field dedication – Western Auto transfers Jim Read south
Chapter 4 –– p. 97
James Read leaves Marysville – Jimmie Angel moves south – Dr. Johnson’s final years – Marysville supports Cheim Field – Yuba City searches for another airport site – Yuba-Sutter Flying Club is founded – First crop dusting in the Sacramento Valley
Chapter 5 –– p.127
Continental Air Express – Air war over the Twin Cities – Consolidated Air Lines (CAL) begins service – CAL inauguration air show – Dewey Ashford – Yuba-Sutter Flying Club activities – Harold F. Brown’s civilian flying career
Chapter 6 –– p. 163
Sutter Air Terminal is founded – Yuba-Sutter aviation in the first years of the Great Depression – Consolidated Air Lines’ rebirth and Twin Cities aviation in the remaining Depression years – Cheim Field aviators prepare for war
Chapter 7 –– p. 195
Butte County airships and aeronauts – Colonel Frank Johnson at Chico – Thaddeus Kerns – Orvar “Swede” Meyerhoffer – Butte County aviators at the 1911 San Francisco International Air Meet – Harry Roderick and Harry Newhart – The Mar McAuliffe fiasco
Chapter 8 –– p. 227
Orvar Meyerhoffer and his new aviation business – California Aviation Company customers – Thad Kern’s flying career – Hamilton, Scott and Martin fly at Chico – Kerns’ last months
Chapter 9 –– p. 253
Orvar Meyerhoffer after leaving the Bay Area – Lyman and Jeanette Doty learn to fly
Chapter 10 –– p. 275
Army Air Service begins forest fire patrols – Fire patrol flights of 1919 – Oroville opens an airport – Army fire patrols at Oroville – Fire patrol moves to Redding – The Air Service, dissatisfied, moves from Redding to Red Bluff – Fire patrols of 1920 at Red Bluff – Fire patrols of 1921 at Corning – Fire patrols from 1925 and beyond
Chapter 11 –– p. 303
Postwar civilian flying at Oroville – E.H. Pendleton – Ogle W. Merwin – Friesley Aircraft Corporation – Bond Spencer, designer, builder, and pilot – Friesley development
Chapter 12 –– p. 323
The Friesley Falcon flies – Friesley hires Roy Francis – Bond Spencer after the Falcon – The Friesley Falcon finale – Oroville flying activities after the forest patrol moves out
Chapter 13 –– p. 351
Postwar aviation at Chico – Merwin and Pendleton – Flying at the Chico Auto Show – More barnstormers – Jimmie Angel at Chico – Royle Air Lines – Sierra Aircraft Company at Chico – Garrison Patrick
Chapter 14 –– p. 381
Early fliers and barnstormers at Gridley – Friesley’s influence – The California Association for the Promotion of Aeronautics – Harvey Bolton
Abbreviations –– p. 399
Endnotes –– p. 401
Bibliography –– p. 413
Photographs Listed and Credits –- 413
Index – 417
About the Author – 427

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