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Aviation in Northern California 1910-1939 Volume II: Yuba, Sutter, and Butte Counties
Northern California airfield development, pioneer pilots, airplane builders, and risk takers.

About the author

Allen Herr performed as a professional musician while running a family business for four decades. He has written articles on early aviation for Air Enthusiast Quarterly, the American Aviation Historical Society Journal, and Northern California historical societies.
Herr has flown over eighteen hundred hours as a private pilot of which nearly a tenth were flying aerobatics. A member of the International Aerobatic Club, Herr achieved his Sportsman with Stars Certificate in competition. He has belonged to the Experimental Aircraft Association and the American Aviation Historical Society nearly forty-five years. Herr is a member of the National Air-racing Group. He's attended Air Race Week at Reno National Air Races since it began in 1964. 
Allen Herr lives near Yuba City, California, with his wife Kathe (also a pilot) and their children Bella and Skeezix.

He has written two other documentaries about Northern California aviation history: Wooden Wings over the Golden Gate: Early Aviation in the San Francisco Bay Area 1910-1939 (2016) and Ragwings over the Sacramento River: Early Aviation in Sacramento County, the westside counties, and the far northern counties of the Sacramento Valley 1909-1939 (coauthored by Kathe Herr).

About this newer book version

This book is a newer version of Allen Herr's Golden Wings over the Feather River. It has over 30 more photos, some added details, new cover art, and a new ISBN. 

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