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Phantasm, vol. 1, no. 4, issue 4, 1976
Independent literary journal of original poetry, fiction, artwork, articles, features, photos, commentary, book reviews, interviews, and announcements.

In this issue Kevin Campbell, who later becomes poetry editor,  is Phantasm's first guest columnist.

This is the first issue of Phantasm that includes photographs. One is of Alison Zier taken by editor Larry S. Jackson with a Cannon SLR camera. Jackson took many of the photos printed in Phantasm. He used the Cannon with TriX 400 ASA film, then developed the film in the bathroom of his one-bedroom duplex in total darkness. He hung the strings of negatives over the kitchen sink to dry. The negatives were taken to the darkroom at Nelvin A. Jackson's Printing where Larry had an enlarger that he used to make the black and white prints. From the prints Larry then used Nelvin Jackson's five-foot tall vertical process camera to make halftone negatives, which are what was required for reproducing all grayscale images in the magazines.

Phantasm, vol. 1, no. 4, 1976

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