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The House on Garden Street by Joseph D. Gallo
 True story of a Kenosha, WI, cop who was gunned down and how his family and community responds.

About the book

Officer Pingitore's family has lost its home. All ten of its members are crowded together into a four-room flat above a saloon. Mary, the oldest daughter, believes that matters couldn't get much worse.

But matters do. Pingitore is gunned-down one morning by a notorious outlaw, who has just robbed the pay office of a local industry. He and two accomplices escape with a small fortune in World War I Liberty Bonds, setting off a manhunt that leads local police and Pinkerton agents across the Midwest, then deep into the South to places as distant as Arkansas and Florida.

While the authorities are searching for the outlaws, the family is looking for a place of its own. Stunned at first by grief, they are helped and inspired by a police chief who pursues the fugitives relentlessly, by a humorous carpenter who prompts the survivors to find within themselves what's needed to stay alive, and by the fallen policeman's teenage son Frank, who stands-in for his father.

... and by generous townspeople, who know that a roof of one's own is more than just a shelter from the snow.

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About the author

Born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Joe Gallo has worked at various times as a printer and as a reporter and sportswriter for a town newspaper. For several years he worked on construction crews in Illinois and California. From 1951 to 1955 he served in the U.S. Pacific Fleet in China, Japan, and the Philippines. Since 1963 he has taught English at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California.

The House on Garden Street is in its the fourth printing and includes six new photos.

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