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One Man Unconquered by Farris Anderson
 Biography of Paul Pickerrell born in a cave, raised in an orphanage, imprisoned by WWII Japanese.

About the book

When he was a child, Paul "Pick" Pickerrell's family lived in a cave until his mother died giving birth. The boy was then placed in a Masonic orphanage. Pickerrell enlisted in the Navy during World War II. He was captured by the Japanese and spent three and a half years as a prisoner of war. One Man Unconquered tells how Paul Pickerrell endured his experiences.

About the author -- Farris Anderson (Farris Wood Anderson Pickerrel)

"Being the first born of five children I guess my mother wanted to be sure someone would carry on the names for the family. Farris was my grandmother Anderson's maiden name and Wood was my mother's maiden name. I had to use them all the way through high school. When I went away to college I thought, 'Oh, now I can drop Wood.' Guess what I became then -- 'Wheels' (Ferris wheel).

"I had just finished college when the war was started and I received a notice to report for my physical. This was before WACS or WAVES! Because of my first name they must have thought I was a man. My mother tried to get me to report for the physical, but I shook my head, 'No! No!' Looking back over the years, I wish I had gone, just for the fun of it.

"I moved to California and married Arlie Carter. We had three children. I taught English and Home Economics at the junior high school in Arcadia for about fifteen years. I enjoyed every minute of it.

"After our kids graduated from college Arlie retired from Mobil Oil. I retired from teaching, and we retired to Magalia, California, where later Arlie had a heart attack.

"Four years after Arlie died, I met Paul Pickerrell and we got married. After listening to his stories I decided to write this book."

Paul Pickerrell died two weeks before his biography came off the press.

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Order One Man Unconquered, ISBN 0-9663207-1-9, $19.95

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