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Vietnam War: U.S. Army Helicopter Names, Vol. 2, Second Edition
U. S. Army helicopter names, units, duties, and other facts about the Army helicopters, personnel, and their missions in the Vietnam War.

Table of Contents

Poem by Colonel George Patton IV
Army Helicopter Names, A–Z
Army Helicopter Names, 1A
Army Helicopter Names, Unit/Numerical
Army Helicopter Names, Unit/Numerical, 2A
AH-1 Name Survivors
OH-6 Name Survivors
UH-1 Name Survivors
Individual Contributors
Selected Bibliography
Vietnam War Era Serial Number Sequence: AH-1, CH-47, OH-6 and UH-1
Top 30 In-Country Army Helicopter Names By Count
Top 10 WW II Bomber Names By Count: B-17 and B-24
Sources for Locating Former Vietnam War Helicopters
Abbreviations Index
Index of Book Series’ Photos
Special Thanks

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