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These Tears by Joseph J. Kiwovele
A grandmother's experience is passed to her granddaughter


This is a story of the human experience; a story of joy and happiness, sorrow and pain; a story of unanswered question and despair; and a story of hope and redemption. The plot of the story is in southwest Tanzania in the sixties. The story is centered on the grandmother answering her granddaughter’s questions, “Why do you love to sing and why do you cry when you sing?”

The grandmother explained she was not eloquent with words. She was uncomfortable to express herself in speeches or conversations, especially with people she was not familiar with. Rather, she found it much easier and comfortable to express herself in songs. Therefore she created songs and sang them to express what was in her heart in every situation of life. The grandmother explained to her granddaughter that she often shed tears when she sang to express her inner emotions as were dictated by the song. She shed tears of both joy and happiness and tears of sorrow and pain.

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Order These Tears by Joseph J. Kiwovele

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