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Rita's Road by Judi Loren Grace
If you can’t hang onto a coattail during a tornado, then you won’t last as Rita’s friend.

Rita’s Road is about true friendship at its finest. At age thirteen Judi is lucky enough to meet reckless Rita: she joins Rita’s tight-knit group of friends whose lives are full of raunchy language and outrageous pranks. They have wild adventures as they see each other through the growing-up years and beyond. Rita’s exploits are hilarious and endearing. Her car is fast, her sense of humor biting, her pranks unyielding, and her friendships true. She is a free spirit without rules living in perpetual adolescence. 

Her misfortune unfolded in the early morning hours as Rita commuted to work. She was deliberately run off the road by three guys, and unbeknownst to them, one man, a farmer on his tractor, was the sole witness. He calls an ambulance. 

Book II is Rita’s fight of a lifetime, and her amazing sparkle that was still contagious. Her acerbic sense of humor was spot on as she struggled to reclaim her life. We friends gathered for support and watched in awe as her mother reclaimed, and guided her daughter for the second time. 

Some of Rita’s choices in life are shocking, as Rita explains her viewpoint about the obscurity of life.

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