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Table of Contents

From the Christ Mind by Darrell Morley Price
Spiritual teaching based on love, forgiveness, nonjudgement, and acceptance of responsibility for thoughts, emotions, and all that happens in your life.


Truth Returns

The Beginning

Awakening Insight

Help is Needed

Learn to Understand 

The Second Step

What Comes Before

What Next 

The Correction of Error

When You Call


The Arrival of Truth 

Belief in Guilt 


The Light

Purpose and Choice 

The Higher Power


The End of Time

Memory and Purpose

Free to Choose

Freedom and the Present

Beginning Again

The End of Doubt

The Meaning of Love

One Light 

The Holy Spirit 

The End of Illusion

Love and Fear

Truth and the Present

The Refusal to Compromise

Spiritual Vision 

Spiritual Practice 

The Rise of Truth 

The Ego as Belief

Change Your Mind 

The Pursuit of Truth

You Are Responsible

Mind and Thought 

What Is True 

Self Awareness

The Correction of Illusion

The Time of Change


The Availability of Truth

Unconditional Love

Two Worlds


The Instrument for Change

Pain and Guilt 

The Wholeness of Love

The Key to Happiness

When Forgiveness Rules

The Only Choice 

The Purpose You Assign

You Know Nothing

The Acceptance of Truth 


The Way Back 

The Awareness of Fear 

The Secret of Salvation

Awareness and the Self 

The Return of Wholeness

The Bridge to Wholeness

Forgiveness Is Your Function 

Choose Again 

Your One Responsibility

Freedom of Mind

Leaving the Dream

Your Thought System 

Truth and Freedom

Dreaming a World

Freedom and Choice

Forgiveness Revisited

Healing the Mind

Tolerance and Trust

The Real Correction

There Is No World 

The Peace of God

Awakening From the Dream

A Call for Love

The Truth and Dreams

Give Up the World

Two Treasures 

Two Voices 

Your Single Purpose

Sanity and Responsibility

Commitment and Salvation

The Light in You 


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