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Dreamscape in A minor by Judi Loren Grace
Jeff’s mother skillfully breathes life, cut short by his suicide, back into her son.

About the Author

Judi Loren Grace, is the author of two books; The Third Floor and Dreamscape in A minor. Both are heartbreaking authentic stories of her experience. First as a young teen mother in the 1960s forced to relinquish her son to adoption, then later as a grieving mother and survivor of her second-born son’s suicide. Judi has a unique ability to draw you into her stories. She is somehow able to make us smile as she reconstructs her own heartbreaking stories. 

About the Book

Dreamscape in A minor captures the short life of a musically gifted and misunderstood young man. Jeff could make you double over with laughter with his comic timing or play a beautiful and complex piece of music simply by hearing it. 

Author Judi Loren Grace, Jeff’s mother, skillfully breathes life back into her son. Judi is a natural born storyteller. She carefully and painfully reconstructs Jeff’s life, cut short by suicide. You will cry, smile, and laugh, but more importantly, you will come to understand how dangerous misinformation can be. A mother speaking directly to her son, explains the repercussions of his action. She tells of her journey to heal and understand, delving into the spirit world and turning back to herself to tap the stark reality and consequences of her own denial.

About the Publisher

Dreamscape in A minor is the second book by Judi Loren. Her first is published by Jetstream Publishing. Dreamscape in A minor is also published by Jetstream Publishing but in association with Memoir Books. Sales are being made by both Jetstream Publishing and Memoir Books under ISBN 978-1-937748-04-3 of Memoir Books.

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