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The Lemming Chronicle: A Delusion of Grandeur by Malenashum
Malenashum's thought process written in a pure state of being, without medication

The Lemming Chronicle is a conglomeration of experiences of mine, external and internal, non-sequentially organized into a semi-fictional autobiography.

It is written primarily for those morbidly fascinated with insanity, particularly those sane, wishing to peer into an insane mind.

It represents only a particular point in time of a complex lifetime. I was disappointed with many books I encountered, that glossed over psychotic episodes, and stressed the importance of medication, stability and normalcy. This book deals entirely with the thought processes of psychosis, and was written in a pure state of being, without medication.

Those on the outside looking in, particularly those in the mental health profession, often do not understand the thought processes of insanity, and meet it with fear, apprehension, labels and stereotypes. For this reason, I wrote a book aimed particularly at young interns with clipboards, burly orderlies with forced treatment and four points on the mind, psychiatrists, family members, anyone that believes the media stigma about those touched.

To let them in

--from the introduction of The Lemming Chronicle: A Delusion of Grandeur by Malenashum

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